The Summer Trends I’m Wearing into Fall

Although things are slowly opening back up where I live, it still feels a little weird to return to normalcy. Not to mention, my summer wardrobe did not get nearly enough use during the quarantine! Here are the trends I’ll be wearing into fall..

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A Perfect Weekend with Voda Swimwear

I’m now an undergraduate! To celebrate my years of hard work, Richie and I booked a cottage right next to the Ottawa River – literally steps away. Between canoe trips, boat rides, and endless grilled meals, I spent time relaxing in the sun, wearing my new Voda Swimwear suit.

Spring Trends You Can Wear in Quarantine

The world is a little weird right now, but fashion is something that always makes me feel better, so maybe it will do the same for you. Here are my favourite spring trends – all quarantine-approved.

What to Wear this October: An Early Fall Lookbook

A fall-ready gallery of the outfits I’ve been wearing lately…

Fall 2019’s Biggest Trends: Your Fall Shopping List

Now that we’re officially in October, everyone is starting to sport their autumnal fits – so I’m here to help you plan yours! Here are the biggest trends that you’re about to see everywhere, all fall long.


21 Things I Loved While 21

Do people still quote Taylor Swift on their 22nd birthday? Because I’m feeling 22… Here are 21 things I loved while 21.