The Summer Trends I’m Wearing into Fall

It’s safe to say that I’ve been doing a LOT of online shopping during the lockdown. While much of it consisted of joggers, bike shorts, and sweatshirts, I did make sure to pick out a few choice pieces for my summer wardrobe. Although things are slowly opening back up where I live, it still feels a little weird to return to normalcy. In an effort to reduce my closet size, I’ll be bringing some of my favourite summer trends into autumn with me!

Swimwear x The Bra Top Trend

CupShe swim (1)

Considering that I spent most of the summer avoiding beaches like the plague (because the plague was there), I chose swimwear with the potential to be worn on its own. This neon pink swim set from CupShe is adorable – I love the cutout detailing and the bright, happy colour. The cutout at the top makes it an easy contender for the bra top trend – I’m envisioning wearing it as a bralette underneath a black denim jacket or leather shacket (have you heard this? shirt + jacket = shacket. Huge fall trend, write that down!). Styling it with black basics would make the neon pop more, which is definitely a must.

This swimsuit is sold out, but find similar styles here!

Far From Basic: Pretty Details


Although I do love my basics, staying inside doesn’t mean I have to forgo all my pretty spring and summer tops! I think pretty details make staying indoors a little more bearable. Romantic details have a special place in my heart, so I’ve been loving this corset-style top from Cupshe. The pastel flowers are so adorable, and the hook-and-eye closures give it a vintage vibe.

This top was gifted to me by Cupshe! Find it here.

The Sport Edit: Shorts and Bodysuits

IMG_20200531_221808 (1)

In case the bra top wasn’t sporty enough, I’m feeling extra athletic this season. Maybe it’s because I’ve been deprived of the outdoors all spring, maybe it’s because I’ve become very well acquainted with my biker-and-sweat-short collection.

Sweat shorts are stupidly easy to DIY (i cut up a pair of oversized sweats from Walmart) and look so effortlessly chic with feminine tops or simple ribbed tank tops.

Biker shorts are an old classic that you probably have left over from last summer. I love them because they look so good with the oversized sweatshirts I’ve been living in. Truly a match made in heaven.


I picked up this sporty bodysuit from CupShe – I love the varsity-inspired lines at the neck, and how it’s a crew neck. With the resurgence of the tennis skirt, it seems only fitting to feed into the sporty attire. Plus, orange is absolutely going to be the color to watch this season.

This bodysuit was also gifted by Cupshe! It’s now sold out, but find similar styles here.

Shoes: The New Go-To Sneaker


If you’re against the sandal movement, may I suggest a fresh pair of high-top Converse? Or a clean pair of Air Force Ones? I’m kind of kicking myself for not keeping my high-school pair clean enough to bring back out – but then again, I wore them to festivals, so maybe it was never meant to be.

Let me know what trends you’ll be wearing into the fall! Keep an eye out for my fall shopping list – while I might be trying to cut down, my dream shopping carts will always remain full.

Thanks for reading,

xo Raye

A Perfect Summer Weekend with Voda Swimwear

I’m sure I speak for most of us when I say that this is far from the summer that I expected! Being my first summer out of school and working full-time, I was looking forward to a summer full of exciting adventures, sandy beaches, and endless pink cocktails.

Instead, it’s looking like my summer will consist of air conditioning, ice cream, and iced coffee. Not that any of those things are bad – they’re actually the glue holding me together.

I’m now officially a university graduate, diploma, and all. Although I technically completed my studies in December, it’s a little sad to think that there won’t be a graduation ceremony complete with flowers, caps, and gowns.

To celebrate my years of hard work, Richie and I booked a cottage right next to the Ottawa River – literally steps away. Between canoe trips, boat rides, and endless grilled meals, I spent time relaxing in the sun, wearing my new Voda Swimwear suit.

This suit, kindly gifted by Voda, is the Envy Push Up Banded String Bikini, in the color Electric Blue. I think the color is so fun and bright – it instantly put me in a good mood. I was a little skeptical of the push up in the bikini top, due to less-than-ideal experiences with push-up swimwear in the past. I was happily surprised to find that the fit was perfect, and so comfortable.

I love that the back strap has adjustable fastens, like a bra, but without the hook-and-eye closures. Instead, there are 4 pockets that you slip the closure through. The halter strap is, of course, adjustable, so there were no fit issues at all.

I also found that I didn’t have any slip moments – something I was concerned about with the push-up. Although I didn’t partake in any water sports or anything that involved jumping, I did wear the suit all day and didn’t worry at all about slipping out of the top.

Size-wise, I would absolutely recommend checking the size guide. I usually go for a size XS in tops and S in bottoms, but using the size guide, I chose an S, and it fits perfectly.

Other trip highlights? In trying to row to Mohr Island, we accidentally tipped our canoe over! Richie, unfortunately, lost one of his sandals to the current. In the end, it was fine – Mohr Island is allegedly the breeding ground for over half of North America’s mosquitoes, and plenty of poison ivy. No, thank you!

Thanks again to Voda Swim for sending over the Envy Push Up swimsuit, bringing a little extra electric blue to my celebratory weekend.

P.S: Protests are still going on around the world, fighting for justice and racial equality. Especially when celebrating Canada Day, I implore you to consider the plight of BIPOC in their never-ending fight for peace and safety. If you haven’t already, find ways to take action here.

Spring Trends You Can Wear in Quarantine


So, it’s kind of a weird time right now, to say the least. There’s a lot of fear and worry in the world, and it’s definitely unnerving. Most of us have been stuck in our houses for over a month, and personally, it’s getting really stale. On a lighter note, it’s spring, it’s nice out (for those lovely, physical distancing walks) and winter is finally over!

Fashion is something that always makes me feel better, so maybe it will do the same for you. Here are my favourite spring trends – all quarantine-approved.


Luxe fabrics are always trendy during the spring and summer months – they’re light and airy, so they’re easy to wear when the weather gets warm.

Get Dressed: Pair a silky top with a pair of jeans, leather trousers, or slacks – it’s chic, luxurious, and super professional.

Stay in Bed: Opt for a silky pyjama set, and maybe even a matching sleep mask – why not? ‘Tis the season to indulge in laziness.

(I don’t wear pajamas, but if I did, I’d go for a silky two-piece like this one.)


Effortless cool-girl appeal. You’ve definitely seen chains all over your Instagram feed, and there’s a simple reason for it. They instantly dress up any outfit, even if you’re wearing sweatpants and your boyfriend’s t-shirt.

Normally, I would thrift these, but since that’s not an option right now, I recommend checking out trendy online shops like Missguided, Princess Polly and, for the bougie, Aureum Collective.

Get Dressed/ Stay Home:

No styling options here, you can throw them on anything.

(The ones I’m wearing are from Missguided, here’s a similar style.)

(P.S: my dream chain)


We’re not wearing bras anyway, so don’t bother digging for your strapless bra.

Opt for double-layered tube tops, so you get that extra bit of support. On the same note, a sturdier elastic up top means more durability and less accidental slips.

Get Dressed: Throw a blazer over it, layer on those chains, and add a high-waisted pant to boot – if you’re wearing pants, that is.

Stay in Bed: Sweatpants. All. The. Way. Maybe some biker shorts for some diversity. Chains optional, but encouraged.

(These are everywhere, but the cheapest I’ve seen them is at H&M)


This summer’s trending hues are baby blue, mint, sage, and matcha green, baby yellow, and lilac purple.

Colour trends are the easiest to follow, because it’s easy to incorporate colour in a small but mighty way. Something as simple as a scrunchie (this one is from H&M), or even a nail polish can add a strong pop of colour.

Get Dressed: If you’re bold enough to own a pastel blazer, now is the time to let her shine. Otherwise, a pastel accessory will add some spring feels to your work get-up.

Stay in Bed: Maybe you own some pastel-hued sweats that deserve their moment in the sun. Tie-dye is super in right now – dying a sweat set with pastels is not only cute, but also a fun DIY.


This trend is here to stay, folks. Good thing too, as I’ve already bought multiple.

A cropped button-up cardigan is a classic, but if you’re looking for something more feminine, try a tie-front cardigan. No need to shop for this one either – there are so many tutorials online (check TikTok) detailing how to turn your old button-up cardi into a trendy tie-front one.

Get Dressed: A camisole underneath can make this casual piece more work-appropriate, while still being comfy and cute.

Stay in Bed: Your cardigan is now your shirt – bra optional.

(This sage number is from Princess Polly – I sized up for extra room.)

I hope this gave you some much-needed outfit inspiration – at the very least, we can look cute while we watch too much TV. As always, thanks for reading!



What to Wear this October: An Early Fall Lookbook

Fall is always my favourite season – I love the cool weather, the crunchy leaves, the moody tones. I was honestly pretty sure that fall was just everyone’s favourite season, but I just looked it up, and it’s actually spring. So that’s interesting.

Fall is clearly also fashion’s favourite season; it’s cool enough to wear sweaters without being so cold that you have to bundle up. Like I mentioned in my previous post about the biggest trends this fall, cardigans are a must-have, along with staples like pinafores, cozy sweaters, and layered chains. While it’s still a little warm out, here are some of my favourite looks that I’ve worn in the past month.


I have been completely obsessed with mini cardigans! Now that it’s cooler, the fuzzy variant is so trendy, and I think it’s adorable. This cream coloured cardigan is from Missguided, and I wore it as a top! I paired it with these layered gold chains (also from Missguided) that I’ve been wearing non-stop, and with these Old Navy straight leg jeans. I love the look of a straight leg pant with such a statement bootie like these patent ones from Boohoo.


From hot girl summer to witch bitch thotumn. I loved wearing this outfit – definitely going to be on repeat for a little while. This is one of the first looks I styled with this cute little pinafore (from Missguided), which I’m really into. I layered it over a plum, split-sleeve sweater from Forever 21, and then threw my favourite layered chains on top. Paired with my new favourite patent booties for a little extra edginess, and then a pair of tights because it was really cold. My hat is from Forever 21! Also, I have a new appreciation for Crispin apples.


Speaking of pinafores, this is another layered pinafore look! I wore this on a warmer October day, so tights were not necessary – but I will definitely be adding those when I rewear this look. This entire outfit is from Missguided (#notspons), save for the booties, which are from Boohoo.


So, technically this is a September outfit, since I wore it to see K.Flay the day before my birthday. BUT, I have been wearing it on repeat all month. These jeans are from Ardene, and they come with the d-ring belt – although, I do often switch it out for this heart-buckle belt from Garage. The top is a basic black crop-top, most likely from H&M or Garage. The boots and the chains go without saying because I’ve worn them in every outfit so far – at least you know that you’ll get plenty of wear out of them!


This gorgeous top is from Creeps, a boutique I randomly stumbled upon while walking to work a few weeks ago. There isn’t exactly an indication of which way you’re supposed to wear it, but I love the subtle edge of having it at the back. I wore it with this knit cardigan from Boohoo and these thrifted jeans. Not pictured are my beat-up Adidas superstars, since this was an errand-day outfit. Since the top is a turtleneck, I stuck with one crystal pendant from Preciosity Shop. The hair scarf is from Forever21.


And finally, my pumpkin patch outfit! First of all, these pumpkin patches get crazy. It was so crowded, but we managed to get the last pumpkin pie. I love this look a lot, it’s the epitome of a fall outfit – a little leather, a little pumpkin spice and a pair of booties. The sweater is an oldie from M Boutique, and the skirt is thrifted from Plato’s Closet. The chains are from Missguided, the hat is from Forever21, and of course, my Boohoo booties (hilarious to say).

There are so many more fall fits to come, so let me know if you like this kind of post and more to see more like it!

As always, thanks for reading.

xo Raye

Fall 2019's Biggest Trends: Your Fall Shopping List

September has come and gone, and with it comes the start of fashion’s favourite season. Of course, I’m talking about fall. Now that we’re officially in October, everyone is starting to sport their autumnal fits – so I’m here to help you plan yours! Here are the biggest trends that you’re about to see everywhere, all fall long.


Let’s start strong with a trend that made major waves throughout the end of summer. Cardigans of all shapes and sizes are a huge trend right now. Whether you wear yours buttoned, in lieu of a top, caped and draped over a mini-tank or bralette or even as an extra layer – keep them around. This trend is amazing because you probably already have plenty of them in your closet. They’re inexpensive, easily thriftable and even easier to throw on in a pinch. Really such an effortless way to add layers, and we all know that fall is synonymous with layering.

Animal print

No one is surprised at this point – animal prints are still trendy! It feels like every time we go over this trend, there’s a new animal print in the mix. This time, it’s cow print. Polarizing, maybe, but something to consider for your statement accessories. I’ve seen some very cute cow print mini bags and manicures. Other trending prints include ones that you probably have in your closet by now – leopard, cheetah, snake…. the list goes on.

Mini bags

Another summer trend that has lived on. Whether you prefer a mini bag in the style of Jacquemus, a mini belt-bag or a long and sleek baguette (yes, that’s really what they’re called), this trend is an easy way to add some class and high-fashion to your fall wardrobe.

Prep School

Chastise me if you want, but I think the best way to describe this trend is like so; if Blair Waldorf would wear it, it’s prep-ready. It’s all about classic, but simple pieces. This includes pinafores, oxford shirts, plaid everything and our next item – blazers.


I chose to make this a separate category because to simplify this trend under the prep resurgence would be cruel. Businesswear has been having a fashion moment – trousers are the new skinny jeans, skinny pants are the new leggings and blazers? They’re the new fall topper. I love seeing blazers worn as dresses, but the most practical way to wear them is to swap out your go-to early fall jacket for a chic printed blazer (plaid, if you want to amp up the prep appeal). Once it gets colder, layer over your blazer with a teddy coat or long-line bomber to add texture and edge to your look.


I feel it in my bones – corsets are coming back this fall. This season always brings an aspect of dark romanticism, which is basically a modern take on Victorian-era fashion. Dark romance trends include puffy sleeves, ruffles, high-collars and ultra-cinched waists. So naturally, corsets would be a shoo-in. In my mind’s eye, I can see a black corset layered over a white blouse with puffed sleeves and a sweetheart neckline. A sleek black skirt (maybe pleather to add texture) and a pair of black knee-high boots. You’re welcome!



So maybe corsets aren’t your jam. Maybe the idea of dark romance is a little too gothic for you. Luckily, you can achieve the same cinched look with a belt. Statement belts are also going to be a huge trend this fall, as they often are alongside corsets. If you think about it, a statement belt is basically a modern corset… Use a belt to cinch an oversized blazer (especially if you’re wearing it as a dress), or get creative and give loose fabrics more shape by adding a belt.


Specifically, millennial purple. It’s like a rich lilac color – not quite too purple but not quite lavender either. I love when colours are trendy because there aren’t really any rules. You can paint your nails millennial purple to get on board, or even pick up a statement accessory in this trendy colour.


Cargo pants have made a comeback, and so have boiler jumpsuits. The key difference is that these modern takes on an old favourite are tapered. If you couldn’t tell, tailoring is a huge trend – not that it was ever not trendy to have clothes that fit you perfectly, but this season in particular is placing quite a focus on the perfect fit. Or, the illusion of the perfect fit (see: belts and corsets). Regardless, the utility trend is taken to new heights when accessorized correctly, which brings us to our next item.


Another fall favourite, returned. There are no rules and there are certainly no limits. Generally, fall fashion seems to prefer silver, but gold seems to be reigning supreme this season. Not that your choice of metal really matters – mixed metals are still very trendy. I’ve been cycling through a few of my favourite layered chains, but there is something to be said for creating your own combinations. Also, earrings with faces are heavily trending right now – time to bring back my pair from 2017!

Combat Boots and Lug Soles

Finally, we come to shoes and accessories. Along with dark romance, autumn is also known for being the height of grunge culture. Something about the falling leaves really awakens the angsty and emotional part of our souls. If you don’t already own a pair of combat boots – it’s time. The same goes for lug sole boots, which, if you’re not familiar, are boots with thick, rugged soles. These are often platform boots, so if you weren’t feeling edgy enough, get ready.

Knee-high Boots

On the opposite end of the fall shoe spectrum, knee high boots are also trending! A few years ago, fashion bloggers would not be seen without a pair of mid-thigh boots. This season, knee-high boots are taking charge. The most popular variety seems to be the boots that have a straight silhouette, and don’t follow the curve of your calf. While this adds bulk to your outfit, it works for early fall. Pair these with a mini dress, a skirt, or a skinny pant.

Hair Candy

Last but certainly not least – hair candy. This refers to hats, hair clips, headbands, bandanas, scrunchies and hair scarves… just to name a few. Right now, headbands are particularly trendy, with padded and embellished headbands basically acting as a socially appropriate crown (ahem, if you’re not thinking Blair Waldorf right now, you should be). For those who aren’t ready to accept headbands as a growing trend, a hair scarf is a modest and yet chic alternative.

Did I miss anything? Were you hoping to hear more (or see more) of a certain trend? Let me know! Also, catch my last post below to read about my 21 favourite things while 21!

Thanks for reading!

xo Raye